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Wealth Inequality – the real picture October 15, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Brain Glitches.
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This video was posted by Nan over at Nan’s Notebook, and I thought it was important enough that I should post it also.  Regardless of what you think the solution to wealth inequality is in our country, it’s important that everybody have a good understanding of what the problem actually looks like:

(Nan reports that the source of this information is Michael I. Norton, the Harold M. Brierley Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. The information was originally published in the Harvard Magazine in 2011.)


1. Becoming Well Read - October 16, 2016

Now the hard question: how do we fix this?

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Ubi Dubium - October 16, 2016

Definitely the hard question. Maybe the first step is campaign finance reform. If getting elected depends on raising a ton of money, then the ultra-rich have way more influence on who gets elected than they should, and we wind up with elected officials who have a vested interest in keeping the imbalance just the way it is. If we could reform the process so that having mega-rich friends wasn’t such a huge advantage, then maybe we could elect people who are willing to recognize and work on the problem.

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Becoming Well Read - October 16, 2016

I miss Bernie.

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2. mechanicdude - October 16, 2016

Ubi- It is possible that the system of government we use just doesnt work. It is also possible that the masses of people simply can be bought out to easily for their own good. Million man public demonstrations across the country might work but so far we have not been inspired to do this. I have to wonder how do we get the wealth already being horded by the ultra rich back into circulation? It will not likely be given up easily.

Imagine what kind of power you would have in the town you live in if you had a disposable personal income of just a million dollars a week, every week, year after year. You Ubi would probably be spending it to help people but most of us would more than likely in a short time own most everything and everyone in town and how unfortunate for anyone that stood against our accumulation of wealth and power. Luckily for everybody nature has it own pressure relief valve built into the life cycle of all things. i guess I am feeling a little philosophical this morning. Please forgive my eccentric rants, I am suffering from “Toxic Election Syndrome”. Thank you. -MD

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