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How many facepalms in one day’s newspaper? April 19, 2012

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Rants.
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I was going to finish up my post on the Problem of Evil tonight, but today’s Washington Post has pre-empted that.  There are THREE different items that took me from facepalm to complete headdesk.

First, today’s Ask Amy: http://www.washingtonpost.com/todays_paper?dt=2012-04-19&bk=C&pg=4

That link is to today’s facsimile edition, I’ll update the link when it’s properly posted to the archive.  The writer was discussing a conversation with her primary care physician, where the physician broke confidentiality to discuss the patient’s spouse.  OK, that’s not so unusual, but then there was this:

During my appointment I told her his symptoms and shared my frustration, and she proceeded to tell me that she thought that “the enemy” might be attacking him. She also told me about an experience she had at church in which a woman was told she’d receive a heart transplant in her sleep brought by angels…

Angels, right.  This is a physician we are talking about here?  If my physician tried that, I’d be out of there immediately.  There’s no way that a medical doctor should be advising their patients like that.

But the paper got better (or worse depending on how you look at it).  In the Metro section was this:

Joel Peebles, megachurch pastor, is fired from church his parents founded


This church has been squabbling for a long time now.  The son of the last preacher has been fighting with the Board for control of the church.  What got my attention though, was this:

But the issue seems far from settled. Wednesday evening, hundreds of members converged on the church, demanding to be let into the locked sanctuary and Peebles’s reinstatement. Many in the crowd spoke in tongues or wailed during an impromptu vigil at the time they normally attend Bible study.

“All the work he’s done, and they are trying to kick him to the curb like this?” one woman shouted. “The devil is alive!”

Said another: “We don’t have time to talk. We need to get on our knees and pray!” The woman asked that everyone in the crowd fast on behalf of Peebles.

So some members of a church are accusing other members of the same church of doing the work of the devil.  And these are the people who claim the moral high ground, and that religion makes you a better person?  How can they begin to preach this when they can’t even clean up their own house?  All that prayer, fasting and speaking in tongues, and they can’t even figure out how to get along with each other?

But, speaking of claiming the moral high ground from the bottom of a pit, there’s nobody that can beat the Catholic Church for it.  And the last story that caught my attention was of course about them:

Virginia priest who headed child protection office is accused of abuse


The Catholic priest who headed the diocese’s Northern Virginia office responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse was placed on administrative leave Wednesday while he is investigated for alleged sexual misconduct with a teenage boy…

Now I’m headdesking.  *Bonk  Bonk  BONK!*  All of this, all in one day,  in one paper.  ARRRGHH!


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