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DIY Halloween – Spoopy update October 31, 2016

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Remember back when I made realistic eyeballs as a project for Halloween? Tonight the end product came together, and I’m very pleased with how it came out.  And I had promised to post pictures if it was OK, so here they are.

Here’s the pumpkin as I’m finishing it up.  I put ten of the eyes in, and then I was tired of cutting eyeholes so I stopped.  I used bent pieces of wire to anchor the eyeballs in place from behind.  Instead of cutting a big hole in the top of the pumpkin, I opened it up from the bottom.  This leaves the top looking very nice, and also lets me set the pumpkin down over the light source, instead of trying to get a light to sit nicely in the bottom of the pumpkin.


Here’s the final result on the stoop in daylight:


Since the top is closed, and all the openings are blocked up, a candle really wouldn’t work in this, because it couldn’t get any air. But a small LED flashlight worked just fine, stuck into a little modeling clay to stabilize it.

And here it is all lit up after dark.


This turned out pretty much just like I wanted it to.  I’ll keep the eyeballs to use again, and next year figure out some further elaborations for this.


Craft Project for Halloween July 24, 2016

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I love making stuff.  I can knit, crochet, quilt, cross-stitch, sew, bead, and I’m generally game to tackle any sort of craft that doesn’t require heavy equipment.  (No space for that in my house.)  With working full-time, I can’t really take on any big projects these days, so I’ve tended towards smaller stuff.  Socks instead of sweaters, that idea.  Well, October of last year I had an idea for a project I wanted to do.  But I needed realistic looking eyeballs to make it work, and I couldn’t find them anywhere.  Even online all I could find was clearly fake cartoonish ones, bleah.

So I decided that if I needed realistic fake eyeballs for this year, I’d need to make them myself.  Sorry I don’t have every step-by step photo of this, but I didn’t think to  take photos until I was nearly done.

I started with some cheap ping-pong balls.  A box of six was plenty.

Cheap Ass Ping Pong Balls

Using an x-acto knife I carefully scraped off the logo from each.  I wanted them to be as translucent as possible, so I cut them in half with the same knife, giving me two nice white hemispheres from each.  Then from Google I found a page of realistic irises and printed them out in color.


Eyeballs for Halloween

I carefully cut out the irises I wanted, and cut several radial slits into each to accommodate the curve of the ball.  I suppose you should probably use mod-podge to glue them onto the top of each hemisphere, but what I had on hand was regular glue-all and that worked fine.

But that’s not realistic looking enough – eyes have veins in the white parts.  So I got out two colors of red yarn,

Yarn and Clear Nail Polish and took a small snip from each and teased them out into individual fibers.  Then I coated the rest of the surface of the ping-pong ball with a thin coat of glue and laid just a few fibers into it.  Tweezers were good for this.  Once this all dried here’s the result:

closeup unpolished


Pretty good, but not shiny enough to look real.  So I added two coats of clear nail polish to the whole thing, and then another coat for the iris.  Here’s one completed:

closeup shiny


Just what I was after!  This isn’t cartoony at all, so the creepiness factor is much better.  I made a dozen of these, all different colors:


So what are they all for?  Let’s just say I’m planning to have the most unsettling Jack-o-Lantern in the neighborhood this year!  If it comes out well I’ll post a picture of it then.