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No true Santaist December 23, 2017

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Humor, Rants, Responses.
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Over on ex-christian.net, there has recently been a commenter who seems very earnest, but less prepared than most to defend what he believes.  He assures us that he knows god personally, and that he knows because he is “filled with the holy spirit”.  But of course he is unable to demonstrate this in any way, and we’ve replied to him that we also had strong feelings back when we were religious, and that his personal feelings in no way establish the truth about his claims.   He’s been asserting that all of the ex-christians were never True Christians™ because, of course, anybody who left christianity could never have been a real christian.  He’s sure that nobody who has felt what he has felt would ever change their mind.

You can read his commentary here:


So after trying to talk to the guy for awhile, an idea for a  cartoon about this guy popped into my head, and would not go away until I drew it.  I have very limited skills with computer graphics, so I just used powerpoint’s drawing tools to create this.  I’ll put it after the break, so there won’t be spoilers for any small children who are reading over your shoulder.


1. jim- - December 23, 2017

As an exmo I finally admitted that I really didn’t “know” even though I’d had powerful feelings and emotions. The adamancy of a lot of these claims is to overcompensate for the insecurities that really exist in every believer. There is a popularity among the faithful to boast strong testimony. I have felt that pressure before, and I was wrong. Most won’t admit that everything they ever knew was a scam, but it is very liberating to do so. It was time to move on. So glad I did.

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2. shelldigger - December 23, 2017

Great representation of the situation. But as a verified nitpicking nitpicker..what the devil is a santaist?


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Ubi Dubium - December 23, 2017

A “true believer” in Santa, of course!

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3. shelldigger - December 23, 2017

Oh good grief lol. In my mind it was being pronounced san-taist. 🙂

I’m all better now. I have been dealing with a flat earther situation and I’m a little beside myself right now…

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4. Anderson Connors - December 23, 2017

I eagerly await the day when people who think like this no longer run our government.

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5. thespartanatheist - July 22, 2018

Santa was one of the things that help me break from religion. If I may, here is a link to my blog dealing with this subject. Keep cartooning! 🙂




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