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Not So Smart Cookies July 4, 2017

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Books, Brain Glitches, Humor.
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I may have mentioned that one of my favorite podcasts is called “You Are Not So Smart”.  It’s a wonderful “celebration” of the human capacity for self-delusion.  It started out as a blog, and then shifted over to a podcast.  Each episode focuses on some particular way our brains don’t work, usually with one or more guests that are experts in the field.  It’s pretty much the podcast I would make if I were going to do a podcast, except I don’t have to because it already exists.

At the end of most episodes, the host, David McRaney, samples and comments on cookies baked from a cookie recipe sent in by a listener. A few months back I had sent in a recipe for one of our favorites,  Caramel Apple Cider Cookies, but then hadn’t given it any further thought.  I had gotten a little behind on listening, so I was very surprised when my spouse called me to say that this book had shown up on our doorstep…

 which is the thank you gift if he uses your recipe on the show!  Yay!  His review is at the end of this episode.

Thank you David, and I promise to get caught up on the latest episodes as soon as I finish getting caught up on Oh No Ross and Carrie.  (They are doing a summer devoted to UFO craziness.  Can’t miss that.)


1. onesorryapologist - July 17, 2017

Your memory is mostly fiction???


Ubi Dubium - July 17, 2017

Everybody’s is. We think of our memories as video recordings that can be played back with 100% accuracy, but brains don’t work like that. We reconstruct and add bits to fill in gaps. Every time we recall a memory, the filled-in bits become part of the memory going forward. Over time, we are less and less accurate about what actually happened. And it’s even possible to implant false memories; it’s been done experimentally. Here’s a talk from researcher Elizabeth Loftus about her work on the subject: https://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_loftus_the_fiction_of_memory

I recommend listening to the YANSS podcast, it’s very informative. Here’s a good one about the fallibility of memory.https://youarenotsosmart.com/2016/10/09/yanss-085-memory-illusions/


onesorryapologist - July 17, 2017

Interesting, although I don’t necessarily see the connection to this and religion, unless this was more of a side post…


Ubi Dubium - July 17, 2017

I post about things I find interesting, sometimes it’s my cat, sometimes my kids, and most often about brain glitches or religion. Anything we learn about how the brain works (or doesn’t work) is relevant to why people are so susceptible to religion.



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