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What she said November 21, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Rants, Responses.
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I haven’t really been able to post what I think about the election, because I’m still too full of rage and despair to put it together coherently.  But I just found this video on Friendly Atheist, and I think Tess Rafferty puts it very well:

So for my own mental health at the moment, I’m going to keep avoiding newspapers, and newscasts, and pretty much anything political, because I need to cope with the rest of my life at the moment, and if I think about what happened I just shut down and can’t do anything.    Eventually I may be able to dig in and fight.  But, as Tess said “… I may scream when I do and if I start I may not stop.”




1. Ruth - November 21, 2016

I love this. I’m doing much the same as you. I’m trying to mostly shut it out right now.

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2. cornfedcontessa - November 21, 2016

I saw this on Occupy Democrats. Sad but so true.

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3. Godless Cranium - November 22, 2016

Can’t say I agree with much of what she says. For example, she says people should be ashamed, especially if they’re Christian for voting the same way as the KKK.

The KKK is a Christian organization.

And why should people feel bad for voting the same way as someone who may be bad? There are probably a load of really bad people who voted for Hillary as well.

I truly believe that Trump won for a number of reason, but one of the big ones was the breakdown of communication between the right and the left. People need to stop calling the other side a bunch of buzzwords like she does in this video because that only makes things worse. This tactic has never worked and only deepens the divide. People stop talking because they don’t want to be shamed, but they’re still going to vote (in this case) for Trump. If the Left wants to keep losing, they should keep using this tactic.

Just my two cents though. *shrug*


Mechanicdude - January 12, 2017

Godless- Like the name. I agree with you that people should be able to vote for whoever they want without shame but… If it worked against the left than why do you think it worked for the right? I have participated in many presidential elections and have won and lost, but this was different. Ubi and many more women have been traumatized by what they see as a vote against them and they know all to well that the only people on the planet that have less rights than women are the children, and that a Trump victory will do little to elevate those who are marginalized by society already. It is a tragedy. -MD

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4. Godless Cranium - January 12, 2017

“Godless- Like the name. ”

Why thank you. 🙂

“If it worked against the left than why do you think it worked for the right?”

As a left leaning person myself, I have to say that calling people racists, misogynists, Islamophobic and many other isms seems to be done mostly by the Left to people who disagree with them.

I think Trump being elected had a lot to do with that. If you have ten people – 3 Liberals, 3 Conservatives and 4 centrists or undecided voters, and those 4 don’t agree with everything said by either side, but the Liberals call them racists for daring to question, then you will inevitably drive them to the right.

You have to battle based on policies and honestly, I think the Left has acted just as bad, if not worse, than Conservatives in this election cycle. I think it needs to be corrected and that the Left has to correct it within their own ranks.

Sadly, I don’t see this happening much. That’s just my opinion though. 🙂

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Nan - January 12, 2017

I thought your example using the liberals, conservatives, and undecided was quite good. Definitely offered some food for thought.

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Godless Cranium - January 12, 2017

Thank you. I know it’s a bit simplistic but I often feel as if I’m somehow a Conservative in the new politucal climate. I don’t think that’s because I suddenly became a part of the Right, but because the Left has moved so far to the Left that I no longer identify with what they’re doing.

Hell, I’ve been called all of those things by other Liberals and that results in other Liberals going over to the right because they’re tired of being slandered.

It’s very frustrating to me.

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Mechanicdude - January 13, 2017

Godless- I find myself uniquely unqualified to follow your point as I do not watch TV, and havent for many years, and I am also guilty of not following mainstream political news, so I cant answer for myself. I will agree with you that balance is usually preferable too chaos. I found this election very disturbing for it showed that whats in a politicians mind doesnt matter to Americans. Winning seems to be everything. Very disturbing I agree. -MD



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