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I can’t even November 9, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Events.
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I just don’t have anything else right now.



1. Steve Morris - November 9, 2016

Now you know what religious belief must be like 🙂

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Ubi Dubium - November 9, 2016

I’ve been religious, and it was never like this!


2. thatatheistblog - November 9, 2016

Yeah. I’ve been working on a post all morning, but “What the actual f**k” doesn’t seem like much content.

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Ubi Dubium - November 9, 2016

I considered something like that for the title of this one, but I think I’m too stunned right now. I’ll get around to actual cursing when get past “shock” and get to “anger”

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Daz - November 9, 2016

I did use it for a title. Bugger-all content, mind. Like you, I just can’t find the words at present.

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3. Carmen - November 9, 2016

I went to bed last night with my stomach churning – and the news was worse this morning. 😦

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4. Godless Cranium - November 9, 2016

Stunning to most but I think fairly predictable.

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Nan - November 9, 2016

More than stunning. Heart-wretching. Neither one was great, but this one was the worst of the two by far.

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Ubi Dubium - November 9, 2016

Agreed. The cheeto has so little regard for our governmental checks and balances that this administration might just undo everything we have fought so long to build, and undermine the very basis for our democracy.

I am genuinely terrified. There is only one bright side. Since I am expecting disaster, this turd can’t possibly disappoint me. He has every opportunity to be less bad than I think he will be. I have no real expectation that he will, though.

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5. Alex Black - November 9, 2016

I woke up early this morning and decided I’d check on the election results so I could stop worrying and get back to sleep. It didn’t work out.

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6. thehappyagnostic - November 10, 2016

Please do not give up! This is when we need positive energy! If half the country falls into a slump…it will take everyone down. This is not how I wanted it to turn out but are you going to crawl into a hole and give up!?!? NO!! Be heard and make a difference! It feels wonderful! I have been doing it hourly!!

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7. Matt Barsotti - December 23, 2016

This caught me at the right moment, and I laughed so *damned* hard. 🙂

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