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Religion of peace? September 25, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Rants, Responses.
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I spent a good part of this morning at WIS4 listening to a talk from Bonya Ahmed, a survivor of a vicious machete attack by Al-Qaeda Islamist fundamentalists in Bangladesh.


She is an amazing human being.  Her husband, Dr. Avijit Roy, was killed and she barely survived.  Many people would have just given up and gone into hiding after that, but she has carried on the work, and speaks out strongly and articulately.   I’ll be posting my comments on the WIS4 talks at a later time, but I just want to say that she is an inspiration for me, her bravery gives me hope for what people can accomplish.

Then I got home and found this headline.

“Jordanian Writer Murdered After Sharing “Offensive” Cartoon Mocking Terrorists’ Vision of Paradise”


Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar was murdered this morning for sharing a cartoon on Facebook, a cartoon that mocked the beliefs of ISIS terrorists.  Not even for drawing it, just for sharing it.  And he was killed while heading to court to answer for charges of “offending Islam,” also from posting the cartoon.  Since I have the privilege of living in a country where we have no laws against offending religion (yet), the very least I can do is share the English version of the cartoon:


Their god is apparently so weak that their beliefs can’t stand up to a little mockery.  Their religion is so fragile that its followers kill people just for the suggestion that it doesn’t have to be taken seriously.

Religion of peace my ass.



1. Godless Cranium - September 25, 2016

We need to start honestly talking about these beliefs and the harm they can cause as well as put to rest the idea that doing so is gross and racist.

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2. mechanicdude - September 25, 2016

Ubi- liked the cartoon very much and even laughed before I read the rest of your post. The war we are fighting is not about governments or religions it is about the rights of humanity and can be fought in any country or place that we find ourselves. Good luck -MD

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3. Religion of peace? | Question With Boldness | Tiffany's Non-Blog - September 25, 2016

[…] Source: Religion of peace? | Question With Boldness […]


4. makagutu - September 26, 2016

A religion whose adherents find no shame in killing their fellow humans for what they think is an assault to their god is really in need of reform. To make it humane. If that is even possible

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5. Steve Morris - September 26, 2016

I’m not an apologist for any religion, but it is wrong to take the very worst example of a religious follower and hold them up as typical. Atheists would fare no better if the worst example was held up as typical.


makagutu - September 26, 2016

You have examples of atheists who have been motivated by their unbelief to behead, bomb and so on?


Steve Morris - September 26, 2016
Ubi Dubium - September 26, 2016

I don’t claim that they are typical. Most muslims are good people, because most people are good people. But when the claim is made that “Islam is a religion of peace”, I think that’s B.S.

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makagutu - September 26, 2016

Yes, Steve I am serious. And yes, I have read your link. Did you read it?
Was it atheism or communist ideology that was the drive? Do you think Stalin and the communist party were driven by their disbelief in deities or was it the party ideology?

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Steve Morris - September 26, 2016

Why would a belief in Communism drive anyone to kill Christians? Why would belief or disbelief in a deity drive anyone to kill? Why would the colour of someone’s skin or their language or their ethnic background be a reason for killing?

The people who kill for their beliefs are always driven by the same thing – an intolerance of anyone who does not share their own perceived identity, values or beliefs.

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makagutu - September 28, 2016

We are in agreement that those who kill for their beliefs do so because they are bigots- intolerant of other views.

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6. cneilrobinson - September 26, 2016

But religion does seem to aggravate such intolerance. Ubi wasn’t suggesting that the thugs who attacked the Roys were ‘typical’ muslims, but they were muslims nonetheless. Moderates in any religion create and support the culture in which extremism flourishes.

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7. mechanicdude - September 26, 2016

It amazes me that we dont look at ourselves here in the “free world”. What is the difference between beheading and gunning people down to out of control bombing killing untold thousands of innocent lives? Does it really matter if a head is chopped off by sword or a multi million dollar bomber using the latest high tech weapons of war? -MD

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Nan - September 26, 2016

Or a black man is shot on the street …

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mechanicdude - September 26, 2016

Yes Nan, When we consider only the innocent and leave out those who are not, the “free world” is chopping off heads everyday in mass numbers only these people are “of a different color” so it is ok and does not trouble our religious beliefs or our ideology. -MD

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