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Mystery solved! June 29, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Wow.
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Daylily closeup

I don’t often write about gardening.  The reason is simple, I have a very small yard, and most of it is shaded, so growing anything besides shade plants is very difficult.  So I don’t really have much to write about.

But I’ve had an ongoing mystery for years now, and I finally have an answer.  Some time back, a neighbor who was redoing their yard said “I have this daylily plant a friend gave me.  I was going to throw it out, but do you want it?”  “Do you know what color it is?”  “Nope, don’t know.”

Well, I adopted the plant, and planted it in a bed in my backyard.  This yard has a tall fence on on side, and the neighbor’s huge shade tree on the other, and gets almost no sunshine at all.  The daylily didn’t die, but it didn’t bloom either.  It multiplied like crazy, sending off lots of shoots, and after several years I had a flower bed full of fairly sickly greenery, but still no flowers.

Then a neighbor cut down their tree in the front yard and that gave me one new sunny spot in the front yard where I could plant something.  So I moved a clump of the daylilies there, and waited.  I was hoping for something more interesting than the typical plain orange or yellow flowers.  For the whole first year they grew happily, with tons of lush greenery and lots of new shoots.  And still no flowers.

So this year I decided that if there were no blooms I was going to pull up the whole lot of them, front and back, and plant something more cooperative.  But then this happened:


Wow!  The flowers are orange with a lovely red and yellow center, and they are not just double flowers, they’re triple.  Time to go look up what this is.  I found two possible names “Kwanso” and “Flore Pleno” for this variety.  Sometimes I found the names used interchangeably, but other websites were specific that Kwanso has double flowers and Flore Pleno has triple.  So I have Flore Pleno daylilies, and I’m very pleased.  Wikipedia says that this variety is genetically triploid, which is cool, but also means that it is unlikely to set seed.  Which is fine, these things spread like crazy anyway.

So thanks to my neighbor for the gift of these amazing flowers, even if it took years of waiting.  Totally worth it.



1. makagutu - June 29, 2016

you must be very patient

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