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Pineapples! Really? March 9, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Humor.
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I promise I’ll get back to some serious posts soon.  But yesterday I walked into the supermarket near my office,  saw this on display right by the front door, and couldn’t resist grabbing a photo.  Those black splotches are holes in the pineapples stuffed with blackberries.


I’ve sent this to cakewrecks already, of course!  While it’s not exactly a cake, it’s fits right in with the kind of stuff they post.  We’ll have to see if they use it.

I’ve shown this photo to a few people, and some of them figured out right away what it was meant to be, and other people took awhile to see it.  So, guesses anybody?



1. Brent - March 9, 2016

LOL! The left one (with the single star for an eye) kinda gives it away… 🙂

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2. Quixie - March 9, 2016


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ubi dubium - March 9, 2016


But the next question is “WHY????”


3. KIA - June 4, 2016

Definitely looks like kiss

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