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Playing with backgrounds January 31, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Blog admin.
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The Bloggess put me onto a fun graphics program, Dreamscope.  It’s free, you just sign up.  You put in a photo of your choice, and then select a style, and it crunches it with some AI and in about 5 minutes it gives you a nifty transformation.  So I took one of the computer generated background images that UbiDubiKid #1 had created for me:



and ran it through a filter, for a Picasso style, I think, and got this:

mary's background picasso

Running this image through a second filter gave me this:

Mary's background picasso then contrast

I look at this, and realize that if I printed it on canvas, and framed it, anyone would think it was the the product of a brilliant abstract artist, and not just a bunch of algorithms.

I used a graffiti filter on the same original image, and that’s what I’ve set as the background image for now.  The only drawback is that the image no longer tiles as it once did.  It’s also pretty loud and distracting, so I might only keep it for a little while, then go back to something plainer.

I also tried my avatar image with a stained glass filter, and I’m pretty pleased with the results:

Mona Stained Glass

I won’t be changing my actual avatar to this, but it’s cool to mess around with.



1. Steve Morris - February 1, 2016

That#s pretty amazing.

Liked by 1 person

2. Nan - February 1, 2016

Definitely bright! Wakes you up and most certainly makes your blog memorable. 😉

Liked by 1 person

3. Brent - February 4, 2016

That “second filter” one is beautiful! I agree, it’s like a work of art.

Liked by 1 person

4. Tree Hugging Humanist - February 23, 2016

I might try it!

Liked by 1 person


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