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Spooky Bathroom Labyrinth Hell Dream January 7, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Humor, UbiDubiKids.
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Ever have a recurring dream?  I have an odd one – I dream that I need to use the toilet and can’t find one.

It might be that I’m wandering around a building, and there’s no bathrooms.  Or that all the bathrooms are locked or marked out of order.  Or I find the bathroom, and it’s huge, with many halls, all of them full of endless sinks and showers and lockers, but no toilets, and then finally a sign posted that the toilet is maybe downstairs in another wing of the building.

Endless sinks

If I finally do find the toilet, it’s strange and unusable.

Weird toilet 2

Weird toilet

Or it’s in a public space.

Street Toilet

Or a janitor’s closet, or some other unlikely spot.  Once I finally found one in an Addams-Family themed hotel smack in the middle of a creepy spare room full of extra furniture and spider-webs.

What prompted me to write about this is the dream I had a couple of nights ago.  I was looking for a bathroom before I drove home from someplace, so I went in a door marked “restrooms”.  Inside was a cafe, with the restrooms way off in the corner.  The men’s room was being renovated, but the ladies room fortunately wasn’t, but the bathroom was full of exercise equipment.  The only toilet was an oddly-configured exercise bicycle, with an impossibly small hole to pee in, and the bike pedals and handles began moving while you were using it.   AAAAAAGH!

There are people out there who try to interpret dreams as some kind of mystical visions, but I know exactly what this dream means.  I only have these dreams right before I get up in the morning.  This is just my need to visit the bathroom spilling over into my dream-filled head.  No woo-woo there.  Just my brain unsuccessfully trying to tell me to wake up and go pee.

Now here’s the odd thing.  I mentioned this recurring bathroom labyrinth dream to my oldest daughter, and her response was that she had been having these dreams too!  As in my dreams, there would be endless mazes of rooms lined with assorted bathroom fixtures. Bathrooms would often have working toilets but without stalls, or only partial stalls, or half doors,  but the room would be packed with people, so there was no privacy.   And sometimes the bathroom labyrinth would be in a building where she hadn’t been in years.  Eventually, my youngest daughter mentioned having one of these dreams too!

And we have another shared dream about parakeets.  We have three parakeets, a yellow one, a blue one, and a green one.  I had a dream about the red one.  Not only do we not have a red one, they don’t even come in red!  I told my kids about this dream, and my youngest reported a few nights later that she had also dreamed about the red parakeet.

I’ve also dreamed more than once about our second cat.  We only have one cat, he’s solid black, large, and very fluffy.  Our second cat in my dream looks the same, fluffy and solid black, except she has white feet.  Her name is Sophia. (If I ever run across a cat like this I’ll probably have to adopt her.)

Anybody else had the same (or similar) dream more than once?



1. Daniel Digby - January 8, 2016

Love your toilets. My nightmares suffer from being real. Some public restrooms for men have toilets with seats a few inches off the floor — about as useful as a squat toilet. My problem is that I can’t sit on it without falling down. Then there are the urinals mounted a few inches off the floor, so that without a really accurate aim, you wind up pissing on top of the fool thing. The excuse usually given is that it’s required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. That means that you can’t have at least one at normal height?

I still haven’t figured out how to use the ones you photographed.

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ubi dubium - January 8, 2016

I actually lifted those photos from the internet as examples. But I’ve seen those weird seatless elongated ones, in a ladies room at the National Zoo of all places. I couldn’t figure out how to use them either!


zibzibbb - June 24, 2018

It’s a female urinal maybe. They’re long so she can straddle the bowl.

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2. makagutu - January 8, 2016

Me no.
I hardly am able to recall my dreams when I wake up and I think I forget the more elaborate ones as soon as I awake

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3. Alice - January 8, 2016

Oh my goodness! I have the bathroom dreams ALL THE TIME.

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ubi dubium - January 8, 2016

Wow, I’m glad I’m not the only one. Are they the “I can’t find a bathroom” dreams, or something different?


Alice - January 8, 2016

They’re pretty much as you described…not being able to find the bathroom, or no working toilets, or too many people around, or weird toilets. It’s strange how the mind works.

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4. Nan - January 8, 2016

Be thankful you either can’t find or can’t use the toilets in your dreams … lest you pee in your bed! 😉

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Alice - January 8, 2016

I’ve often thought of that Nan!!

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5. bbnewsab - January 8, 2016

In your next dream I recommend you to use my kitchen sink.

Much better than an ordinary bathroom.

Or try an enema before going to bed in order to sleep. Then you’ll probably enjoy your dreams better.

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ubi dubium - January 8, 2016


An enema wouldn’t resolve the “I have to pee” problem, though. Age makes that worse, too.


6. Midori Skies - January 8, 2016

I have dreams like that fairly often, too. Do you ever get the ones where your teeth start falling out? Sometimes when that happens to me, I’m like “Wait a minute… that only ever happens in dreams! I must be dreaming!” And then I try to go flying or eat a delicious zero calorie cake or try to find Hogwarts or something (I totally got sorted into Slytherin in a lucid dream once–most legit sorting short of an actual magic hat, imo).

I have recurring volcano dreams where I am running from lava or something. And also ones where I am attacked by evil dogs. I used to have a phobia of dogs, so that last one makes rather a lot of sense.

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ubi dubium - January 8, 2016

No teeth falling out dreams, so far. More often I’m someplace important and forgot to wear shoes. Or I’m back in high school and there’s a test and I’m totally unprepared. I remember thinking once “What am I doing back here, I’m a college graduate fercryinoutloud!”

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7. eolandeeliva - January 9, 2016

I had to laugh when reading about your toilet dream. I had one exactly like that last night. LOL. But I’ve also had recurring dreams of exploring a house where I keep finding more and more rooms, nooks and crannies. I’ve had a wise person say it may be about me exploring and discovering aspects of myself that I previously didn’t know or understand.

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ubi dubium - January 9, 2016

I’ve had a recurring theme of being in a house I’m familiar with, but there’s new rooms, or the doors don’t go where they used to go. Or I’m driving down a familiar road, but the road now goes somewhere different.

If I had a theory about some “meaning”, it would be about how we like our lives to be predictable and in control, and how we’re insecure about this, and find it distressing when familiar things aren’t what we expect.

But I really don’t think most dreams have any meaning. I think it’s our brain running a “defrag” program overnight, and as each bit of memory gets resorted and filed away our brain is trying to put those fragments together into something at least a little comprehensible.


eolandeeliva - January 11, 2016

You’re probably spot on there. Now you mention it, the houses in my dream are also always ones that I’m familiar with but not the new rooms etc that I find. Hmm.

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8. Brent - January 12, 2016

When I was a kid (9-12 years or so), when we would have company staying the night, they would often get my room. At my bedtime my mom would put me to bed in my parents’ bed, and then move me out to the couch when the adults went to bed.

Every time she did that, I would have the same nightmare. I don’t remember many details now (something about my parents and race cars), but I know it terrified me. It got to the point where I would beg my mom to let me stay up late with the adults, so I didn’t have to go to sleep in there… or I would sit up and try to stay awake.

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9. Robert - January 17, 2016

I had the same dream, endless bathroom fixtures inside a dirty and rusty warehouse. It means you and your daughters watch pornography a lot like I do.


10. ubi dubium - January 17, 2016

Pretty sure it doesn’t mean that! They mostly watch stuff about video games.


11. shelldigger - February 26, 2016

I think this is common for a dream. I know I have had “got to go” dreams, and can remember looking for a good place to do just that. It is my belief, and Nan touched on it, that when you are having such a dream, you really need to use the bathroom. Your subconscious sometimes uses sensory input to influence your dreams.

I know just a couple weeks ago my son fell asleep on the couch. An old rerun of I Dream Of Jeannie was on the boob tube, it was the episode where the main characters actually got married. He awoke describing a dream in which someone was getting married, which he thought odd. He is 14 🙂


ubi dubium - February 26, 2016

I remember that episode! They had to use a double for Jeannie because genie’s can’t be photographed. That’s showing my age, I guess.


shelldigger - February 27, 2016

Yep that was it. I watched the series a bit when I was a kid, but never knew they actually got hitched.

Yes, I feel old. 😃

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12. meghana1993 - August 31, 2016

Labyrinthine bathrooms are such a common recurring dream for me. I’m usually at my high school and trying to find a bathroom stall, end up in a space as big as a football field with endless stalls (sometimes all wet and muddy, sometimes all dark like an underground cave) and all of them with weird half-height partitions so that even if i find one, people start looking in on me doing my business.
Last night I dreamt that my first day of college festivities were being held in my high school swimming pool locker room!

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zibzibbb - June 24, 2018

This feels more like the kind of mine.

It’s not so much about having to go to the bathroom
but about an exploration experience and matters concerning privacy and nudity.

Am I close to the truth?


13. AD - January 23, 2017

I am so glad I came across this! The bathroom labyrinth is a reoccuring dream of mine as well. When I would tell friends or family members about it they would give me this odd look. I my dreams however, I am always searching for something amongst the unusual stalls although I never really know what it is. Needless to say I dont need to go to the bathroom but never find what I am looking for. The stalls in my dreams are all unusual to say the least. There are all manner of fixtures in all shapes and sizes with things from barber chairs to denist equipment. No one stall is alike and their always seems to be thousands. Their are various fountians within intersections of the labyrinth but other than that just stalls. I have these dreams about once evey couple months or so for about 12 years now and never understand the meaning or why I its a motif my subconscious keeps revisiting. Just glad im not alone in dreaming about massive bathroom labyrinths!

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Ubi Dubium - January 24, 2017

Oh my goodness, barber chairs and dentist equipment! The bathroom labyrinth does seem to be a recurring dream for a lot of people.


zibzibbb - June 24, 2018

Fountains sound nice.

Im reminded of Atlantis when I think of these expansive water-works settings.


14. zibzibbb - June 24, 2018

Yeah I get endless bathroom dreams from time to time. Usually in a school or airport or other big place, and usually its combined with a locker-room feeling.

Lots of times theres showers and baths, and usually my dreams of these places have a wholesome healing sauna sort of appeal.

Sometimes the toilets are weird shaped, too big or lots put together. Sometimes theres no doors on the stalls, but because the rooms ate so expansive it feels like you can be private even exposed.

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