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Have you found Jesus? January 5, 2016

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Humor, Responses.
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Because these guys have lost him!

Have you found Jesus

I thought that once you had found Jesus, he was supposed to stay with you for always!  Apparently not so much.

Yes, it’s an asshole thing to do to steal stuff from a private display like this, but there’s just something about this that strikes me as funny.  And it’s not like this hasn’t happened before – this is the third time that this church has had their “Baby Jesus” vanish.  This time they had it tied down with fishing line, and somebody cut it.  Next year I suggest bolting it down. (Because nailing it down would probably be in bad taste.  :P)

I think this is likely just a youthful prank, some teenager collecting the things.  If it were a serious protest, you’d think there’d be damage to the rest of it, and there isn’t.  If I were inclined to mess with this kind of thing, which I’m not, but if I were, I think I’d leave something else in place of the baby, like a statue of Ganesh or the FSM.  Or I’d put a silly costume on the baby or something.  Just stealing it would be boring.

Here’s the source article: http://patch.com/virginia/arlington-va/who-stole-baby-jesus-manger-arlington-church



1. bbnewsab - January 6, 2016

This must mean the end of Christianity. We are all waiting for the second coming of Jesus. Instead we now witness the third disappearance of Baby Jesus.

That doesn’t bode well. The End is nigh!

Remember where you read this warning first.

I beg your pardon, do you mean you’ve heard that same warning before as well?

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2. Daniel Digby - January 7, 2016
ubi dubium - January 7, 2016

I’ve seen that comic, it’s a good one!


3. eolandeeliva - January 7, 2016

“Next year I suggest bolting it down. (Because nailing it down would probably be in bad taste. :P)” Indeed! LOL

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4. Ellen Hawley - January 8, 2016

This is great. In out old neighborhood, someone had some blow-up (or hollow plastic) magi that tipped over in the wind, falling face down in the manger scene. I assumed they were stinkin’ drunk, but maybe they were looking for the missing messiah.

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5. pinkdogdem - January 15, 2016

To whomever stole the baby Jesus: You are a very bad person. You wanna hang out?

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ubi dubium - January 15, 2016




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