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I ♥ Pluto! July 18, 2015

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Events, Wow.
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Over the past few of weeks I’ve been pretty obsessively following the news from the New Horizons probe.  It’s distracted me from the volcanocam and even the photos of Ceres from Dawn!  I’ve watched the images rapidly go from small and smudgy:

Pluto May

To showing some surface features:

Pluto June

To an amazing image of a world that’s far more interesting then I would have imagined:


Wow!  Look at the color, and how few craters there are, and it even has a heart!

Of course, in space, there’s not actually an up or down, and so the orientation of this photo is rather arbitrary on the part of NASA.  They could have published it like this:

Pluto inverted


Then instead of saying “Pluto has a heart!”  We’d be saying “Pluto is mooning us!”  Which is probably a good reason for NASA to have the photo orientation the way they do.

Here’s probably my favorite image from this past week:

Love Pluto







1. john zande - July 18, 2015

That last pic is a winner

Liked by 1 person

2. Godless Cranium - July 23, 2015

Amazing pictures. Like John, I think the last one is pretty awesome.



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