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Dorothy and Buzz August 29, 2014

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Responses.
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For a long time I’ve used this movie scene as an example when discussing deconversion:


Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Once Dorothy has seen through the humbug, she can never go back to believing in the “Great and Powerful OZ”.

But Neil Carter, over at Godless in Dixie, has posted another movie reference that I really liked:



…not a flying toy…

As good an example as The Wizard of OZ is, Toy Story and its sequels might be an even better (and more current) example. Please go read Neil’s excellent post, it’s really a keeper.

I especially like this scene from Toy Story 2, when Buzz encounters a “true believer””

Buzz Lightyear #2: Buzz Lightyear to Star Command. I have an AWOL Space Ranger.

Buzz Lightyear: Tell me I wasn’t this deluded…

Buzz Lightyear #2: No back talk! I have a laser, and I will really use it.

Buzz Lightyear: You mean a laser that’s a lightbulb?

Buzz Lightyear #2: Has your mind been melted? You could have killed me, Space Ranger! Or should I say, “traitor?”

Buzz Lightyear: I don’t have time for this…

Evangelists, when you show up trying to tell me for the umpteenth time how special your relationship with god is, that’s exactly how I feel.  You aren’t a Space Ranger messenger from the almighty, you aren’t locked in an epic battle with the Evil Emperor Zurg Satan, you don’t have a laser magic book with all the answers, you can’t fly heal people through prayer, you are a TOY regular person like the rest of us!!!!


Toy Story


1. 365Walkabout - August 29, 2014

Interesting parallel, that.

I’ve always been partial to the ending of Star Trek V (that is, after all, really the only good part of the film)…


ubi dubium - August 29, 2014

Yes, also good. “What does god need with a starship?” But how many of the god pushers have seen Star Trek V?


365Walkabout - August 29, 2014

I would say more than you might think. I, for one, watched it with my “god-pusher” family well before beginning to question the existence of a god. For some reason, Star Trek seems to get a pass. All sci-fi, really. I once worked with a pastor whose favorite TV show was Stargate SG-1, and you don’t get much less theistic than that…


2. Sabio Lantz - September 1, 2014

A great analogy — put a smile on my face, thanx.



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