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Overdue thanks to Ron Lindsay July 7, 2013

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(I had meant to post this earlier, but I’ve had some personal travel, a knee injury, and a major Fourth of July concert to deal with, so I hadn’t gotten to it.  Sorry.)

This is a follow-up to my posts on Ron Lindsay’s opening remarks at WIS2 and the CFI Board’s non-response.

Back on June 22, Ron issued an apology:



To Ron Lindsay,

Thank you.  An apology is what I was hoping to see.

I can’t tell from this apology whether you actually understand why we were so upset, but apologizing is hard and I appreciate your being able to do that. With this apology I am now willing to put this behind me, and can (cautiously) participate with CFI on future events and projects.  I hope for amicable relations and good discussions in the future.


To the CFI Board,

I’m still peeved with you.  All I have from you is your original non-answer.  You don’t need to apologize for Ron’s speech, he’s already done that.  But you do need to show some kind of support for Melody, Lauren and Debbie’s hard work, and you need to show real commitment to encouragement of diversity within the secular movement.  This can best be shown by action, rather than writing.  I suggest announcing your sponsorship of WIS3 as soon as possible.  Or something else specifically aimed at making traditionally marginalized groups of people feel important and welcome in the secular community. (And a lack of specific support for the small but extremely vocal minority in our community that’s specifically trying to marginalize people, that would also be helpful in restoring my trust.)  Show us that people matter, even people who are not the traditional core group of well-educated middle-aged middle and upper class white men.  And please don’t claim that “we don’t have the resources.”  The people from the diverse community you need to reach out to, with their large untapped pool of talent and energy, are resources that you need to build this movement for the future.

I’ll work with you for now.  But I’ll also be paying attention to what CFI does in the next year.



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