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Secular Holidays November 12, 2012

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Events, Humor.
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Last Friday I celebrated Carl Sagan Day by baking apple pie from scratch, and watching an episode of Cosmos.

That got me thinking about the other secular “holidays” out there.  I’m not counting the patriotic holidays, because that will vary from country to country, and many of them are too god-soaked anyway.  But what does my secular holiday calendar look like?

Well, first there’s the Pastafarian Calendar:

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day (9/19)
  • Halloween (10/31 – also good for dressing like a pirate)
  • Holiday (from just after Halloween to mid-January or so)
  • Friday (every Friday)

Then there’s

  • Darwin Day (2/12)
  • Pi Day (3/14)
  • Star Wars Day (May the Fourth)
  • National Day of Reason (First Thursday in May)
  • Carl Sagan Day (11/9)
  • Festivus (12/23)
  • All the Solstices and Equinoxes, of course, because Science!

I feel like I don’t have them all.  What am I missing?



1. susan1gb - November 12, 2012

Oh yea, Festivus! Darn, you got ahead of me. I’ve been working on putting together a list of our invented family traditions. I guess I’ll spill the beans and tell you we have Opera Day as you have Talk Like A Pirate Day. Too funny.


ubi dubium - November 12, 2012

Opera day! I like that one. Do you go around singing arias or do you just sing all your conversations in a big opera voice? (I only know a few arias, so I hope it’s that you sing everything)

What’s the date for Opera Day?


susan1gb - November 12, 2012

@ ubi dubium All conversations to “Carmen” because that’s all we know, lol.


2. hausdorff - November 12, 2012

Should we include captain picard day? Apparently by looking at the stardate and working backwards people have figured out that it is june 16


ubi dubium - November 12, 2012

I definitely approve adding that one. Although I won’t be climbing up any Jeffreys tubes to celebrate it!


3. tmso - November 12, 2012

I will have to mark my 2013 Google calendar. I’m always late to celebrate these secular holidays. I shall employee the power of Google to help me stay on top of things in the coming new year. 🙂


4. Howie - November 13, 2012

I loved this post! My friend told me about Talk Like a Pirate Day last year and I just thought it was the coolest thing!

I just cheated and found a bunch more at http://www.secularseasons.org/celebrations/seasons.html. Freethought Day (10/12) is definitely an important one. World Humanist Day (6/21) sounds pretty awesome to me too! 🙂


5. mixedupmeme - November 15, 2012

I like National Day of Reason in May. Should be every day.


6. cag - November 17, 2012

There is the “No prayer millennium” and “Don’t go to church century” (with mandatory renewals).



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