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Fuming September 5, 2012

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Rants.
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Jen McCreight has announced that she is taking a break from blogging at BlagHag.  Why?  Because of the continual abuse she suffers on her blog and on twitter for the apparent crime of being female and vocal.  And for attempting to do something about the fact that every time somebody mentions that abuse is not OK, the result is more vitriolic abuse.  And that the abuse redoubles simply because she wants to establish one small corner of the internet where people can talk safely without the interruption and aggravation of that abuse.

Jen, I am totally behind you in this.  Take a break from whatever you need to, for as long as you need to.  If you never go back to twitter (or not under your own name) then that’s fine.  If you never go back to blogging, I’ll miss you but I’d support that too.  Finish your PhD, be the best damn biologist out there, write a book, or just retire to some nice beach somewhere and watch the ocean.  Do whatever you want on your own schedule.  From Boob-Quake to Atheism Plus, you’ve given us your time and effort and wonderful writing over the past years and been completely amazing, especially for someone so young.  You don’t owe us anything, we owe you.  And you certainly don’t owe the haters any of your time and energy.

And now the challenge.  I’ve been inspired to blog by Jen, and Greta, and many many others.  So now I need to figure out what I can do from my one small little blog.  My decision to stay off twitter will stand for now, as does my decision to stay off Facebook.  The internet already consumes enough of my free time, without seeing updates on what some old acquaintance had for breakfast, and I’m old enough that a cellphone is an annoyance, not an appendage.  I’ve joined the A+ forum, but I’m not sure quite which goals to work on there yet.  I’ve got some thinking to do, and then probably some serious noise to make down the road.



1. M. Rodriguez - September 6, 2012

I have my opinion is that the atheist/ freethought community will never be truley unified or uniform. It will stay as a lose community of atheist/agnostic blogs.


ubi dubium - September 6, 2012

I don’t think a movement whose basic commonality is “don’t let people tell you what to think about religion, you have to work it out for yourself” can ever be completely unified, nor should it be. It’s the old “herding cats” problem. But that’s not to say that subgroups within the community can’t form effective organizations to accomplish specific goals. Look at the Foundation Beyond Belief, Team FSM on Kiva (over $1,000,000!) or the crowds we gathered for the Reason Rally.

And there’s more to the community than just bloggers, there’s forums, student groups, local meetups, podcasts, conferences, lots of activity going on. But no one group or cause is going to suit everybody, there will always be some level of fragmentation. I’ll leave enforced uniformity to the religions, it’s what they’re best at.


2. cag - September 6, 2012

I’ll leave enforced uniformity to the religions, it’s what they’re best at.

How far down your cheek was your tongue when writing this? Only 30,000 schisms and counting. Their enforcers are overpaid. We have reality but christians have as many fantasies as they can conjure.

Now for some observations, not always true. Some of us want to be part of the solution, what I call WE people instead of ME people. WE people want progress for everybody, ME people’s concerns are very limited. Both types exist in any group, but the ME people think that the “pie” is limited in size while the WE people know that if everybody gets pie, there is more pie for everybody.

Can we not learn from the Taliban that involving only part of the population is a recipe for disaster, while improving the lives of everyone is the path to a better future.


ubi dubium - September 7, 2012

Only a little bit tongue in cheek. Each sect tries to enforce uniformity within their own group, otherwise how could they establish that the Evangelical Reformed Lutheran Church of Upper Northwestern Minnesota, 1913 Conference is the One True Faith, and not sinful and depraved like that Evangelical Reformed Lutheran Church of Upper Northwestern Minnesota, 1926 Conference? So if you are a true follower of the Evangelical Reformed Lutheran Church of Upper Northwestern Minnesota, 1913 Conference, you’d better toe the line and believe exactly as you are told!

Nice to see you here, Cag. I’ve only been blogging on my own a few months, so I’m thrilled when commenters from other websites find me.



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