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Repent for Breast Cancer Awareness! August 1, 2012

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Rants.
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Yesterday, when I came home, there was something hanging from my doorknob.  Well that’s not unusual, we get ads left from gutter cleaners and handymen all the time.  Then I saw it was a neat little roll of paper tied with a pink ribbon bow.  Oh, great, some neighbor is trying to collect for breast cancer.  I can’t donate, but I suppose that’s nice.  Except that wasn’t it at all:

Five pages of this stuff, courtesy of a Korean pastor I’ve never heard of.  The full document, if you have the stomach for it, is here.

Some highlights: There are three pages of this pastor’s guided tour of hell.  The first group of people he encounters?  Unbelievers of course!  Not people who commited horrible crimes, or did terrible things to their fellow human beings, or broke 9 of their 10 commandments.  Nope, the first group singled out is, as usual, those who simply don’t believe in all this stuff.  Among the others singled out for horrible punishments were people who criticized their pastors and people who insulted the church and people who didn’t tithe.  So his vision amounts to “Do everything I ever tell you, never complain, and give me wads of money, because god will torture you forever if you don’t.  And I know this because I had a nightmare about it.”

The last page was even smaller type, in all caps, with no pictures, written by someone else.  Including this:



And there was quite a bit about blood dripping and a couple mentions of laundry.  Very little of it made any sense.

When the xians say “Oh, just let us have our religious stuff and just ignore it if you don’t like it.  Why does our religion even bother you?”, I think I’ll point them at this.  This isn’t somebody keeping their beliefs to themself, this is someone actively trying to spread fear and stupidity.  This is a toxic attempt to spread their virus to other people’s brains.

On the whole I think I would rather have had a plea for cancer fundraising.



1. Nahraf - August 23, 2012

Silly advertisement. I’m sorry you received it.

I’m certainly not a Christian, but I have a lot of respect for the older “versions” of Christianity that were interested in saving marriages, helping drug addicts, providing counselling services, and “being there” for people in need. Unfortunately, we see too many of these “Condescending-Christians” nowadays who are more interested in putting you down rather than building you up.

Christianity is a major civilizational force that deserves credit, but in the last century perhaps after the trauma of WWII and the rise of Modernism, it has lost its way and turned into this.


2. Sabio Lantz - August 31, 2012

Amazing! Yes, many Christians have their heads in the sand concerning this crazy stuff. They don’t see the natural outworkings of their myths in a sick mind.


3. the chaplain - September 6, 2012

You have more patience than I do. I would have just trashed this flyer as soon as I realized what it was. I still know a lot of evangelicals and they just don’t get how annoying their proselytization is. They explain away all resistance to their “good news” as Satan’s work, or human pride and arrogance, and have absolutely no freaking clue how proud and arrogant they are themselves. It’s mind boggling.



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