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Roller Coaster of a Day May 18, 2012

Posted by Ubi Dubium in UbiDubiKids.

What a day I just had!

Work was great – we got a huge check from a case we had been working on the last two years.  Happy Dance!

Then, UbiDubiKid#1 stayed after school to catch up on some work she was behind on.  Another Happy Dance, because she hates doing that but really needed to.

Everything was going great, both kids did some homework, we took a MLP FIM break together, Ubi Dubius headed out to work the night shift and I was ready for a shower and bed, after an unusually good day.

SO (you knew something had to go wrong) just a few minutes after he left, I get a call from Ubi Dubius. “My car broke.  Stopped and refuses to start again.  I’m in the left turn lane at (intersection less than a mile away).

Now Ubi Dubius has one of those mega-important jobs where somebody has to be on duty 24/7.  He was scheduled to be at a satellite office where they only have one person working at a time, so he HAD to make it to work.  So first I get on the internet for a towing company, call to make arrangements, then head out to give him my car so he can make it to work and I can wait for the tow-truck.  UDK#1 really wanted to walk down to the car, or come with me to wait for the tow truck.  As much as I wanted to have her with me, I thought about dealing with getting a second person home in the tow truck, or her walking home alone in the dark at 10:00 at night, and decided that I had to ask her to stay home. Phooey.

So I head out, hand off the car and settle in to wait for the tow truck.  Alone. In the left-turn lane. In the dark.  For over an hour.  I took a Samurai Sudoku with me and finished the whole frikkin thing.  Dealt with tons of people stopping to see if I needed help, and the nice cop who came by to set up flares for me.  And waited and waited and waited.  Bored bored bored.  Hmmph.

I finally drag home on this day that had gone from really great to total suck in no time flat.  And then…


While I was bored bored bored waiting, my children were baking homemade chocolate chip cookies to cheer me up!

WHEE!!!  I love my kids!



1. Sir TJ - May 18, 2012

Great job, you and UDK#1!


2. mkb - May 19, 2012

How sweet. Good kids 🙂


3. peggesis1 - May 20, 2012

Hi, Question With Boldness,

It was nice meeting you at the conference this weekend. Here is the link we were talking about earlier: ashleyfmiller.wordpress.com.


ubi dubium - May 21, 2012

Thanks! It looks like she did an amazing job with the liveblogging, it was very thorough. I have several topics to write about after this weekend, and if I didn’t get enough notes on what was discussed, now I can go back over the whole thing.

Great meeting you too!



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