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The Devil you say? The Pixies I say! April 20, 2012

Posted by Ubi Dubium in Humor, Rants.
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De-conversion used to be a really good website.  Then the moderator got a new job, got  too busy to update it or moderate it any more, and it’s mostly died.  The old posts are still there, and there’s a couple of godbots and a woo-meister hanging around.  A couple of us old regulars still go there to needle them.  There’s one I’ve mostly stopped replying to, except to demand he produce my pass phrase, but he’s a source of endless nonsense, and probably will continue to be good blog-fodder for some time.

Recently I said:

There have been thousands of gods people have believed in throughout history. I think they are all fictions, made up by humans.You probably think that too, except for the one you believe in.

His reply?

Disagree, there is one True Way, the others are all of the devil’s doing to mislead people in believing they are on the Right Path, this actually is a deceitful spirit.

Yeah, he really said that.

I have two responses to people who make that kind of statement.  First:

So back in the Bronze Age your god allowed the devil to mislead every single person in the whole world, except for one small tribe of Palestinian goatherders? And today he allows the devil to mislead the 2/3 of the world that is not xian?  Your god knowingly allows all those people to be misled by “deceitful spirits”, and so tortured eternally, because he loves them?  Well, mister, I don’t want to spend eternity with your asshole abuser god.

And also:

What a convenient excuse!  Every time somebody says or does anything you disagree with, you can just blame it on the devil!  That way, you never have to be wrong!  And you never have to figure out how to deal with the problem of evil either.  “It’s the devil, it’s the devil, LA LA LA I can’t hear you, I’ts the devil!”  Well two can play at that game.  From now on, if a godbot says something I disagree with, I can say it’s because he’s been misled by Pixies.  They are really mischievious, and love to jerk people around and see them make fools out of themselves.  Creationism?  Pascal’s Wager?  No True Scotsman?  Pixies, Pixies, Pixies.  Every evangelist has been led astray from the true path of reality because his head is infested with Pixies.  (Or Nargles. Nargles are good too.)



1. Mooselicker - April 20, 2012

Where is his mind?

You see, that’s a pun based around the Pixies song of a similar name…

Good point though. I don’t think religion is always a bad thing. I never had much of it in my own life so what do I know? I’m skeptical of everything. People I know can’t get stories right from a week ago. I’m just hoping Ancient Astronaut Theory is right.

Long live Giorgio Tsoukalos.


ubi dubium - April 23, 2012

I’m the wrong generation for the group The Pixies, but it’s great that this works in more than one way.


2. Sir TJ - April 23, 2012

Perhaps they should be Pictsies? I’d be more afraid of them.


3. Sir TJ - April 24, 2012

He underrates Human imagination. He doesn’t even think Humans came up with the false religions? We had to have them planted by either Satan (most) or God (Christianity)? Give us some credit – Humans write some great fiction!

It reminds me a little of the people who think we couldn’t possibly have built the pyramids; or the Nazca lines; or whatever; so it must have been aliens or something else equally as silly.



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